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Alternator Replacement & Repairs in Balwyn, Surrey Hills, Box Hill

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Do you often have trouble starting your car? Is the light on your dashboard flashing? If so, then its time you replaced your alternator and starter motor. AAA Automotive offers alternator in Surrey Hills and starter motors in Balwyn at affordable reconditioned or new state. We also replace and rebuild them for a small cost that gets your car back to its original pace in no time.

Our mechanics have the experience and the correct equipment’s to diagnose your starter motor or alternator issues, where they replace all the faulty parts and rebuild it. Using the best materials and brands, we assure you that your car is in safe hands.

It does not matter what type of vehicle you drive, at some stage you will need to replace your starter motor or alternator. With years of experience, our team has worked on various car models and hence they have a depth of knowledge when it comes to repairing or rebuilding any car part.

Many people wonder why exactly an alternator is a better choice for their car. An alternator produces electricity for the battery to be charged which makes the electrical components of the car running.

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Now a day, alternator in North Balwyn in many vehicles is driven by serpentine belt, which depend on crankshaft power.

Symptoms that indicate you need to change your alternator:
  • Unusual noises or burning smells coming from engine bay
  • A warning symbol or light shaped as a car battery blinks permanently in your dashboard display.
  • Electrical accessories and systems in the car perform badly such as the headlights getting dim or power windows operating slowly.
  • Battery performance decreases and cranks more slowly, or the battery does not start at all
  • Stalling of car engine while running because it does not have enough power

A starter motor is an important component of your vehicle’s charging and starting system. They crank your engine to full when you start your car by engaging with the gear. Through a process, we see whether your starter motor in Balwyn needs replacement or repair.

Symptoms that indicate you need to change your starter motor are as follows:
  • Engine will not start when turned on
  • A loud click is heard
  • The engine starts and then immediately stops

For repairing or rebuilding your alternator in Box Hill and starter motor in Balwyn call us now because, we use the latest technologies and have expert technicians who will work on your car to make it your dream car.

Over 40 years experience in general mechanical services
Operating Hrs: Monday To Thursday : 7 am - 6 pm
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