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Roadworthy Certificate

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A Roadworthy certificate is an essential certificate required if you are planning to sell, register or transfer ownership of your vehicle ( further information available at www.vicroads.vic.gov.au).

AAA automotive is accepted as an authorized licensed vehicle tester accredited by vicroads to inspect and issue roadworthy certificates (RWC) for car and motorcycles up to 3 tones.

The RWC inspection process and context includes major safety items as follows.

Tyres & wheels, suspension, brakes, steering, all seats and seat belts, lights lamps & Reflectors, windscreen, wipers and washers (All Glass and Windows)in the vehicle, Exhaust Engine Transmission, Driver line, Doors, Hatch Bonnet etc. , structure and integrity of the vehicle itself.

Once a vehicle passes a roadworthy inspection a roadworthy certificate is issued it remains current for a period of 28 days.


It is important to get a pre purchase vehicle inspection before investing in it. AAA auto motive inspects the vehicle thoroughly and ensures that every pre purchase vehicle inspection is done professionally and completely with over 40 years experience in carrying out vehicle safety inspections.

Our comprehensive inspection include

  • Battery load and specific gravity test

  • Checking previous service history

  • Checking car for rust and body repairs

  • Check condition of oil and coolant

  • Check engine for blow head gasket

  • Carry out compression test

  • Check engine for blowing smoke and noises

  • Check timeline belt replacement interval

  • Inspect radiator for signs of fatigues and corrosion

  • Check water pump flow

  • Under car usual inspection

  • Comprehensive safety check brakes, steering and suspension

  • Under bonnet usual inspection belts air filters, hoses and mountings

  • Check engine and transmission Mountings

  • Check engine for oil leaks.

  • Check transmission fluid condition

  • Check tyres, exhaust etc spare wheel

  • Road test

  • Check air conditioner and heater operations Check steering wheel, seats and seat belts , mirrors and sun visors

  • Instruct purchaser to check finance and stolen vehicle register

We provide Roadworthy certificates (RWC) and pre purchase vehicle inspection in:

AAA Automotive technicians are experts in cylinder head repairs and replacement, head gasket replacement, cylinder head machining, pressure testing, straightening, crack testing, tappet shim replacement and adjustment.

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Over 40 years experience in general mechanical services
Operating Hrs: Monday To Thursday : 7 am - 6 pm
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