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Roadworthy certificates (RWC) Melbourne, Victoria

A Roadworthy certificate is an essential certificate required if you are planning to sell, register or transfer ownership of your vehicle ( further information available at
AAA automotive is accepted as an authorized licensed vehicle tester accredited by vicroads to inspect and issue roadworthy certificates (RWC) for car and motorcycles up to 3 tones.
The RWC inspection process and context includes major safety items as follows.
Tyres & wheels, suspension, brakes, steering, all seats and seat belts, lights lamps & Reflectors, windscreen, wipers and washers (All Glass and Windows)in the vehicle, Exhaust Engine Transmission, Driver line, Doors, Hatch Bonnet etc. , structure and integrity of the vehicle itself.
Once a vehicle passes a roadworthy inspection a roadworthy certificate is issued it remains current for a period of 28 days.

Pre Purchase vehicle inspection

We provide Roadworthy certificates (RWC) and pre purchase vehicle inspection in:

AAA Automotive technicians are experts in cylinder head repairs and replacement, head gasket replacement, cylinder head machining, pressure testing, straightening, crack testing, tappet shim replacement and adjustment.

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