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Auto Electrician Balwyn and Surrey Hills

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Nowadays, cars are more complex, with integrated management, sensors and computer systems. This means, a general mechanic may not be able to solve your vehicle’s electrical problems. A car brought to our auto electrician in Balwyn is serviced and repaired with latest diagnostic equipment and tools.

Electrical repairs or maintenance is a natural occurrence when using a car. These may include your car’s lighting system, charging systems, batteries, cooling systems, starting systems, alternators, general wiring, etc.

Following are some services regarding auto electrical in Surrey Hills:

Engine Tuning

We use latest equipment for tuning the engine for optimal performance. This restores the vehicle’s lost power, increases fuel economy and helps to lower the overall emissions.

Engine Carbon Clean

Using cheap quality fuels in your engine gathers carbon on fuel injectors, which causes rough emissions and idling. We use a clean solution to clear the engine components that guarantees smooth driving.


Converting fuel energy to electrical energy and saving money on fuel consumption. Through rigorous tests, we encourage potential clients to use an alternator in their car. This powers the vehicle’s electrical parts and recharges the battery.

Starter Motor

Replacing old starter motors or ensuring that the cable ties attached to the battery are in perfect condition. No more car jerks or pushing your car because it just stopped in between.

Fuel Injection System

A poor fuel injection system directly affects the performance of your car. Using proper diagnostic equipment we locate the root cause of the problem that guarantees safe driving in the future. This increases the efficiency of the engine fuel, and the exhaust emissions are less toxic.


We have car batteries of every type. A good car battery supplies voltage to starter motor and the ignition system, which starts the car. An original battery used in the correct car model ensures a longer life for the battery as well as the car.

Fuel Injectors

A fuel injector directly pumps the fuel to the engine, ensuring a cleaner engine system. Our high quality products prevents your injectors from getting dirty or clogged, which means you can have maximum acceleration and power, increased fuel efficiency and decreased emissions.

Electronic Fuel Pumps

This ensures that the fuel is pumped from the tank to the car’s engine. An electronic fuel pump has various benefits, the top being no leakage, which ensures no combustion.

Automatic Transmission Diagnostics

To ensure that the car runs smoothly, we perform a thorough gearshift check. If the transmission does not run smoothly, you will have trouble while changing gears and ultimately the plates and gears would wear out.

Other services in auto electrical in Surrey Hills include:
  • Deploying of air bags
  • Repairing or adding vision and sound systems
  • Central locking and power windows

If you are concerned regarding any other component of your car then visit AAA Automotive now and our auto electrician in Balwyn will help you make your car as new and better as before.

Over 40 years experience in general mechanical services
Operating Hrs: Monday To Thursday : 7 am - 6 pm
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