Over 40 years experience in general mechanical services
  • Address: 655 Whitehorse Road, Mont Albert, Victoria - 3127

  • Operating Hrs: Monday To Thursday : 7 am - 6 pm

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Car Service Greythorn

Car Service Greythorn

At AAA Automotive, we provide a range of services for your car. This includes pre-purchase inspections and servicing, handbook services, logbook services, and roadworthy certificates.

If you want your vehicle to be serviced by professionals who care about the work they do, you can’t go past AAA Automotive.

The AAA Automotive team inspects all facets of your vehicle, from suspension to brakes, cooling systems to lights, tyres and much more. Our team is happy to explain any work required and provide a quote prior to commencement.

Located at 655 Whitehorse Rd, Mont Albert, we are the team to turn to for your car service in Greythorn and the surrounds. We have a tram stop at our door, we offer a loan car option, and free pickup and delivery is also available.

Bookings are essential. Please call to book in your car today.

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Our cars run at their best when they are thoroughly looked after. At AAA Automotive, we welcome you to bring your new or old car to us for car service, pre-purchase inspection, or log book servicing.

Booking in your car services on a regular basis ensures that your car is working in perfect condition. In the long-term, this will save you money on petrol and negate the need for major repairs. A well-maintained vehicle runs smoothly, maintains its value better, and will enjoy a longer life.


With a regular car service in Greythorn, you can prevent large, complex and potentially expensive issues. This is because regular servicing guarantees that your car is working optimally and identifies potential issues as soon as possible.

Similarly, pre-purchase inspections ensure the car you are buying isn’t hiding any extra issues. Hidden problems can end up costing you more than what you’ve bought your car for. With one single test drive, our mechanics will uncover all current and potential problems, saving you time and money.

The minor car services we offer near Greythorn include:
  • De-dusting and inspection of air filter
  • Replace engine oil
  • Safety visual inspection
  • Replace oil filter
  • Test battery
  • Inspect levels
  • Switching sump plug sealant
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Testing pressure on cooling system
  • Adding, Fanning and inspecting multi rib belts
  • Reset service lights
  • Adding fuel cleaner in fuel tank
The major car services we offer near Greythorn include:
  • Replace oil filter and engine oil
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replacing sump plug sealant
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Inspection of fluid levels
  • Test battery
  • Check clarity of device and heights
  • Testing pressure on cooling system
  • Reset service insulators
  • Comprehensive safety check
  • Adding fuel cleaner in fuel tank
  • Inspection and cleaning of throttle body
  • Lube Doors
  • Inspect all brakes
  • Check oxygen
  • Inspecting and fanning multi rib belts
  • Diagnostic check

We will carry out your logbook service in Greythorn according to manufacturer specifications. We ensure that all our technicians are continually trained and educated to keep up to date with modern vehicle technologies. AAA Automotive uses top quality and original parts in your car, ensuring you get the most from your handbook service in Greythorn.


In order to ensure that your car is roadworthy, you must have a RWC, pink or blue slip or safety certificate. If you are planning on selling your car, we will provide you a roadworthy certificate in Greythorn. We are also known as an authorized license tester, ensuring that you will not be ripped off while trying to sell your car.


You can trust AAA Automotive because we are a team of friendly and experienced car mechanics near Greythorn. With more than 40 years in the game, our owner-operated team proudly serves all surrounding suburbs near our Whitehorse Road location.

To keep your vehicle looking and functioning at its best, simply make a booking with AAA Automotive today. You can call us on (03) 9898 7297 or make a booking online to give your vehicle the very best care.


When they need car repairs, Greythorn locals can trust that we have them covered. AAA Automotive can identify any repairs required for your car and carry them out for you. If we discover the need for repairs during a routine service, we will be sure to keep you in the loop about the work that needs to be done.

If you’re having problems with suspension or cooling system, brakes or mufflers, come and talk to AAA Automotive today. We handle all car repair work for you.

Over 40 years experience in general mechanical services
Operating Hrs: Monday To Thursday : 7 am - 6 pm
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