Over 40 years experience in general mechanical services
  • Address: 655 Whitehorse Road, Mont Albert, Victoria - 3127

  • Operating Hrs: Monday To Thursday : 7 am - 6 pm

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Car Service and Repair Kew

Car Service Kew

For supreme quality car service and repair in Kew, contact AAA Automotive today. We do it all, from brake and clutch services to auto radiator services.

Have your vehicle serviced by astute professional technicians who are trained experts in the field.

Located at 655 Whitehorse Rd, Mont Albert, AAA Automotive is conveniently positioned for locals in Kew and the surrounds.

For booking or to discuss any problems or concerns you may have, contact us today. We always provide quotes and confirmation before commencing repairs.  Whether it’s a major repair or a minor service, we have the experience, training and tools to do the job for you. We offer everything from car air conditioning services to radiators, suspension, gearboxes, alternators, starter motors, and brake and clutch services in Kew. AAA Automotive is also qualified to provide Roadworthy Certificates on cars, motorbikes and gas vehicles.

With over 40 years’ experience we care about the service of your vehicle, for an appointment ring Maree, Andrew or Micheal on (03) 9898 7297.

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The owner-operated team at AAA Automotive will go to the next level to take care of you and your car. First and foremost, we guarantee professional services that are in line with manufacturer expectations. As well as this, we will provide excellent customer service which will see you choosing us as your local car mechanic near Kew time and time again.

AAA Automotive is located right on a tram line, so it’s always easy to get around after you’ve dropped off your car. If you want to arrange a loan car through our team, we can also take care of that for you. From routine repairs and services to more major work, we will put the utmost effort into your car. Get in touch today for repairs, servicing, roadworthy certificates, pre-purchase inspections and much more.


At AAA Automotive, we perform services and repairs for all kinds of cars. Whether you need to top up fluids, perform an oil filter change, perform a thorough inspection or get a safety report written, we make it our mission to give you back a car that runs more efficiently and keeps your costs at a minimum. A full car mechanical inspection ensures that you prevent unnecessary breakdowns and save money on potential complications before they become major and expensive repairs.

Our car service and repair in Kew is all about maintenance. A less experienced mechanic may use a cheap part not prescribed by your manufacturer, which could lead to problems in the future. At AAA Automotive, we make sure that your logbook is maintained because we use high quality and original parts.


Our auto radiator service in Kew is a quick and simple process, which gives you a better functioning cooling system. The cooling services we provide are listed below.

We can provide a full range of services related to:
  • De-dusting and inspection of air filter
  • Thermostats
  • Fan switches
  • Hoses
  • Housings
  • Radiator caps
  • Heater taps and core
  • Overflow bottles
  • Auxiliary fans
  • Fan belts
  • Water Pump
  • Viscos fan coupling

If your vehicle’s dashboard reads that it is heating, this indicates that something is blocking its cooling system. If not checked immediately, this congestion will ultimately result in corrosion, broken or warped engine blocks or engine failure. A radiator flush helps you get rid of all the debris and rust that builds up in your car that crams your cooling system.

We use a solution to clear the channels that are clogged up. After draining the solution, the new coolant is added so that the car runs more smoothly than before.

At AAA Automotive, we have cranes and hoists that make working on radiators easy. Whether it’s a car radiator, truck radiator, four-wheel radiator, machinery radiator or bus radiator, we can do the job. Ranging from small to large, we are equipped to handle it all.

When it comes to a car, safety is the most important thing to consider. We provide a range of services to take care of your brakes so you can always rely on your car in an emergency situation.

Our brake and clutch services in Kew include:
  • Checking thrust race and disc brake
  • Replacing rear and front pads
  • Checking brake system components
  • Inspecting brake fluid levels
  • Test drive to check that the brakes are working properly

Why wait for accidents to happen when you can get a car repair and service in Kew at an affordable rate. AAA Automotive assures you that once we check, repair or service your car, it will run like a dream.


Sometimes your car needs more than just its regular service. If you have noticed leaking, strange noises, or other problems, bring your vehicle into AAA Automotive for all the car repairs you need. When it comes to car repairs, Kew locals can rely on our team to provide the most affordable, long-lasting option. This may include repairing parts of your car or replacing them completely.

If we discover a problem during routine servicing, you can be sure that our team will be in touch with you to discuss the car repairs you need. You will always know where you stand when you choose AAA Automotive. Contact us today to get started.

Over 40 years experience in general mechanical services
Operating Hrs: Monday To Thursday : 7 am - 6 pm
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